'Pope Rambo I,' a Marathon Refund, and Mariano Rivera's Goodbye

Esther Zuckerman
The Atlantic Wire

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Top Stories: Cardinals electing the new pope want charisma and "the grit of what one Vatican analyst called, only slightly tongue in cheek, 'Pope Rambo I.'"

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World: Latin American leaders and scholars wrestle with Chávez's legacy as his funeral approaches today. 

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Politics: Three Obama donors, including Eva Longoria, are leading the movement that has Latino leaders "tapping into Hispanics as a fund-raising pool to influence elections and public policy" 

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New York: Half of the runners in the New York City Marathon that was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy are getting refunds on their entry fee, with the other half choosing to run in a future marathon instead — a Road Runners dilemma that means a "smaller number of spots than normal will be available through the general lottery."

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Technology: Publishing and media companies are fretting over the prospect of digital material being resold.

Sports: Yankees closer Mariano Rivera is expected to announce his retirement this weekend, closing out a legendary career full of many a game in which the "outcome seems preordained."

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Movies: Michel Gondry's The We and I "invites viewers, of whatever age, to immerse themselves in the chaos, glee and heartache of a long ride home on the last day of school."