Pop: Biden sinks to his lowest approval yet

Pop: Biden sinks to his lowest approval yet

Now President Joe Biden knows how former President Donald Trump felt.

In just shared numbers, Rasmussen Reports today said that the Democratic president’s approval rating is underwater, a situation Trump was regularly in.

And worse, his approval is at an all-time low. Biden’s approval has fallen to 46%, and his disapproval is at 52%.

Poll provided by Rasmussen Reports

His trend line in the Rasmussen tracking history has never shown him to be as popular as his former boss, Barack Obama.

Not surprisingly, there is a huge partisan gap in the findings. Among Democrats, Biden’s approval to disapproval rating was 77% to 22%.

Republicans are harsh in their judgment of the liberal president. Some 81% disapprove of Biden, while just 17% approve.

Bad for Biden is the intensity of those who disapprove. The poll said that 42% “strongly disapprove,” while only 26% “strongly approve.”

However, he still stands higher than Trump did at this point of his presidency when he was at 41% approval.

The shift in Biden’s approval ratings parallel the growing coronavirus crisis and his administration’s shift back to requiring masks and social distancing.

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