Pontiac Public Library Memorials for April and May

The following is a listing of gifts given to Pontiac Public Library in April and May.

Items given in memory of:

Bolz, Joan — “The Bookseller’s Promise” by Beth Wiseman; “Death by Chocolate Chip Cupcake” by Sarah Graves; “In Bloom” by Fern Michaels; “The Lifeguards” by Amanda Eyre Ward; “The Lioness” by Chris Bohjalian; and “Ralph Compton Blood on the Prairie” by Tony Healey — all Large Print titles — given by the Twentieth Century Club;

Cunningham, Vicki — “No Roses for Harry!” by Gene Zion, given by Susan Strauch & Dan Fitzgerald;

Hoselton, Nancy — “Lydia Ko: Portrait of a Teen Golfing Sensation” by Michael Donaldson, given by Cathy Robinson;

Ledford, Joan — “Grow Now” by Emily Murphy; “Gardening for Everyone” by Julia Watkins; “Plant Grow Harvest Repeat” by Meg Cowden; and “The Vegetable Grower’s Handbook” by Huw Richards, given by Doctor Leverton & Staff;

Norville, Maxine — “I Love You more than Ice Cream” by Becky Davies, given by Lisa Brill, Shelly Wilson, & Charlotte Stoffels;

Norville, Maxine — “Fodor’s Complete Guide to the National Parks of the USA,” given by Frank, Nancy, Pete, & Jodi Giovanini;

Pike, Jerry — “My Health is Better in November: Thirty-Five Stories of Hunting and Fishing in the South” by Havilah Babcock, and “Big Red, 75th Anniversary Edition” by Jim Kjelgaard, both given by Cathy Robinson;

Stoffels, Jeff — “Jeff Goes Wild,” by Angie Rozelaar, given by Wendy Norville, Lisa Brill, & Shelly Wilson;

Voigts, Robert — “The Chicago Tribune’s 50 Best Chicago Bears of All Time,” given by Cathy Robinson;

Items given by:

The Estate of Ann Templeton: “The Art of Ann Templeton” and “Color & Beyond” both by Ann Templeton;

Gift to the operating fund by:

Updike Family

Gifts to the operating fund in memory of:

Blakeman, Rachel — given by Richard & Rita Mills; Gould, Gayle — given by Ed & joanE Lipinski; Norville, Maxine — given by Larry & Doris Cottrell; Norville, Maxine — given by Thomas & Laurie Dunham; Norville, Maxine — given by a Friend;

Norville, Maxine — given by Cindy Munch; Norville, Maxine — given by Bradley & Jill Sauls; Norville, Maxine — given by Diana C. Williams; Norville, Maxine A. — given by Fellheimer Law Firm, Ltd.; Norville, Maxine A. — given by Joseph & Carolyn Svehla; Teske, Mark — given by Ed & joanE Lipinski

Gift to the living bookshelf given in memory of:

Beebe, Robert Kaye — given Anonymously

April Gifts

Items given in memory of:

Fenton, Deb — “Masterpiece: America’s 50-Year-Old Love Affair with British Television Drama” by Nancy West, given by joanE & Ed Lipinski;

Lyons, Pat — “The Fine Art of Paper Flowers: a Guide to Making Beautiful and Lifelike Botanicals” by Tiffanie Turner, given by Ramona Harris & Family;

Myer, Donna — “Garden Secrets of Bunny Mellon” by Linda Jane Holden, given by Athenia Literary Club;

Pike, Donna — “One Step Too Far” by Lisa Gardner, given by the Dialectic Literary Society; Pike, Donna — “Before She Disappeared” by Lisa Gardner, given by Kathy Sancken

Items given in honor of:

National Agriculture Day — “How to Grow a Monster” by Kiki Thorpe, given by Livingston County Farm Bureau’s Promotions & Education Committee

Items given by:

Grampp, John — “The General and the Genius : Groves and Oppenheimer-the Unlikely Partnership that Built the Atom Bomb,” by James W. Kunetka, an audiobook

Gifts to the operating fund in memory of:

Brown, Doris Jean — given by Sandra Hebenstreit; Bradley, Millie — given by Carolyn Wayman; Lyons, Pat — given by Carolyn Wayman

Gifts to the operating fund in honor of:

Patterson, Dorothy — given by joanE & Ed Lipinski

Gifts to the living bookshelf in memory of:

Blakeman, Rachel — given by Levada Lee; Reis, Dorothy Giovanini — given by Nancy & Frank Giovanini; Reis, Dorothy Giovanini — given by Mike & Deena Rodino

Pontiac Public Library

This article originally appeared on Pontiac Daily Leader: Pontiac Public Library Memorials for April and May