Polls: Americans are losing trust in President Trump

President Trump is dismissing new polls that show his base of support dwindling, his approval rating at a record low and rampant distrust in the information coming out of the White House.

“After 200 days, rarely has any Administration achieved what we have achieved,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday. “Not even close! Don’t believe the Fake News Suppression Polls!”

According to a CNN poll released Tuesday, nearly three-quarters of Americans (73 percent) say they can’t trust all or most of what they hear in official communications from the White House, while less than a quarter (24 percent) say they can. Among Republicans, 50 percent say they can trust most of what the White House says, while 47 percent say they cannot.

When asked whether they are proud to have Trump as their president, 34 percent of Americans said they were, the survey found; 64 percent said they were not.

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Overall, 38 percent say they approve of Trump’s handling of the presidency, according the CNN poll, while 56 percent disapprove. Recent polls by Quinnipiac University and Gallup show Trump with a similar overall disapproval rating.

CNN noted that just one other newly elected president held an approval rating below 50 percent at this point in his presidency: Bill Clinton, who had a 44 percent approval rating six months into his first term in 1993. Barack Obama, by contrast, had a 56 percent approval rating at this point in his presidency.

On Monday morning, Trump claimed his base is “far bigger” and “stronger than ever before,” offering recent campaign rallies in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio and West Virginia as proof. But an Investor’s Business Daily poll released Monday afternoon showed Trump’s approval rating has dropped to a record low 32 percent — down 5 percent in the past month — as support from his base has begun to slip.

“Trump lost significant support across the board, but saw big declines among areas of core support, including Republicans, Midwesterners, middle-income families, white men and the high school educated,” IBD’s pollsters said.

Meanwhile, a new CBS News poll released Tuesday shows Trump’s approval rating stands at 36 percent. That figure is unchanged from June, despite favorable views of the U.S. economy.

“The president does get better marks on his handling of the economy than for other issues,” CBS noted, “but his overall approval remains where it is partly because Americans say they’re evaluating him more on culture and values than on how they’re faring financially, and partly because his ratings for other domestic issues are negative.”

The CBS survey also showed that Americans lack confidence in Trump’s ability to handle North Korea, whose nuclear and missile-testing programs have sparked an international crisis.

Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed (72 percent) are “uneasy about the possibility of conflict” between Washington and Pyongyang, and most (61 percent) feel that way about Trump’s “approach to the situation.”

The poll was conducted late last week, largely before the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution on Saturday imposing new sanctions on North Korea for its continued tests of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

On Monday, Trump complained on Twitter that the “fake news media” had not properly covered the passage of those sanctions.

Most major news outlets, though, had covered the sanctions, with the story leading newscasts on Saturday afternoon and evening. CNN’s Chris Cuomo said his channel was covering the issue when Trump fired off the tweet.

And there is yet another poll — released by American Research Group on Tuesday — likely to draw Trump’s ire: If the New Hampshire Republican primary were held today, Ohio Gov. John Kasich would beat Trump (52 percent to 40 percent) in a theoretical matchup.

Trump won the 2016 New Hampshire GOP primary, grabbing 35 percent of the vote. Kasich, who finished second, got just 16 percent.

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