Poll: Who won the Pennsylvania Attorney General Debate?

Poll: Who won the Pennsylvania Attorney General Debate?
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(WHTM) – Who do you think won the Democratic debate for Pennsylvania Attorney General?

After debating for an hour on abc27, the five candidates hope they convinced primary voters that they’re the Democrat ready to run in November’s primary.

Vote below for who you think won Tuesday’s debate.

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Here are the Democratic Party candidates who participated in Tuesday’s Democratic Party debate.

Keir Bradford-Grey

Keir Bradford-Grey, who led the Defender Association of Philadelphia for five years, announced her campaign for Attorney General on June 21.

Bradford-Grey previously served as Montgomery County and Philadelphia’s Chief Public Defender.

“People write off what it means to be a public defender,” Bradford-Grey said in an interview following her campaign announcement. “They don’t know the experience and skill you develop in becoming a problem-solver and a solution-driver and understanding root causes very well.”

If elected, Keir Bradford-Grey would become the first Black attorney general in Pennsylvania. and the state’s first Attorney General who was primarily a public defender.

Eugene DePasquale

Former two-term Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced in June that he was running for Attorney General.

DePasquale highlighted women’s reproductive rights, defending democracy, and his desire to “hold big corporations accountable” in the announcement video. His campaign website outlined additional policy issues such as unions, student loans, healthcare, education, crime, and the environment.

“I’m in this fight because I, like too many Pennsylvanians, know what it’s like to be knocked down without a hand to get you back up,” said the Democrat DePasquale in a video released on social media.

DePasquale ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020, losing to incumbent Republican Scott Perry. He previously served as chairman of the York County Democratic Party before serving three terms in the State House of Representatives.

Joe Khan

Joe Khan, a former Bucks County Solicitor and federal prosecutor, announced his candidacy for Attorney General in early June.

Khan previously served in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. In 2017 he finished second to Larry Krasner in the Democratic primary for Philadelphia District Attorney.

In his announcement video and campaign website Khan highlighted crime, election integrity, abortion rights, and taking on large corporations.

“As the son of a Muslim immigrant and Catholic nurse who grew up in a Jewish neighborhood, I know that government has to work for everyone. As a prosecutor, I’ve taken on the toughest challenges: gun violence, sexual assault, and hate crimes. As a solicitor, I’ve defended our democracy from Donald Trump, stood up for abortion rights, and sued Big Pharma, Big Tech, and polluters to hold them accountable. I’m running for Attorney General to continue my lifelong fight to keep people safe, tackle corporate and political corruption, and build a better world for our kids,” said Khan.

Jared Solomon

State Rep. Jared Solomon announced in September he would run for Attorney General.

An Army Reserve JAG officer, Solomon was first elected to the State House in 2016 when he defeated incumbent Mark Cohen in the 2016 primary election. Solomon has run unopposed in each primary and general election since the 2016 primary to represent the 202nd District.

In December 2022, Solomon was selected as one of three impeachment managers in a yet-to-be-held Senate trial of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner after the State House impeached the Democratic prosecutor over policies some lawmakers say have led to a rise in crime.

Solomon currently chairs the House Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Jack Stollsteimer

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer announced his candidacy for Attorney General in November 2023.

Before being elected District Attorney in 2019, Stollsteimer served as an Assistant US Attorney, Deputy State Treasurer for Consumer Programs, and Deputy Chief Counsel/Director of the Bureau of Unclaimed Property.

“I am uniquely qualified because I do that work every single day in the fifth-largest county in Pennsylvania,” Stollsteimer said in an interview with the Associated Press.

Dave Sunday and Craig Williams – the two Republicans running for Attorney General – will debate on Thursday, March 14.

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