Poll shows Russians trust in Putin has declined since mobilisation announcement

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THURSDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER 2022, 16:35

There has been a noticeable decline in President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating among Russians following his announcement of mobilisation.

Source: results of a poll by the Russian think tank Levada-Center

Quote: "The percentage of people who thought that the country [Russia – ed.] was moving in the right direction fell at the end of September, in comparison with August. 67% thought this in August; now it is 60%. 27% of respondents believed that the country was moving in the wrong direction (24% in August).


Positive evaluations of Vladimir Putin’s performance as president of Russia have fallen by 6%. 83% of respondents approved of his work during the last three months; in September, that figure was 77%. One-fifth of respondents (21%) did not approve of it."

For information: The poll was conducted on 22-28 September 2022 and surveyed 1,631 people aged over 18 in 137 settlements in 50 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The research was carried out at respondents’ homes through personal interviews.

Background: On the morning of 21 September, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the partial mobilisation of Russian citizens. He said it was necessary "for the protection of the country."

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