Poll: Only 5% of Ukrainians oppose joining EU, NATO

Only 5% of Ukrainians are opposed to joining either the European Union or NATO, according to a poll released by the Rating Sociology Group on Nov. 29.

An overwhelming majority of Ukrainians are in favor of joining both the EU and NATO, although the level of support has seen a slight decrease since the summer.

In total, 78% of Ukrainians would vote to join the EU if a referendum were held now, down from 85% in July, and 77% are in favor of joining NATO, a drop from 83% in July.

The figures from July also represented a slight decrease from a similar poll taken in January 2023, in which a record high of 86% of Ukrainians were in favor of joining NATO.

A majority across the country support joining both institutions, but the level of support is highest in the western part of Ukraine and in Kyiv.

When asked if Ukraine joining NATO with only the territories currently controlled by the government was acceptable, more than half said no (53%), but the idea was fully or partially supported by 43% of respondents.

There was a slight regional deviation in the results, with those in the western part of Ukraine and Kyiv being more willing to support the idea of joining with only the territories controlled by Ukraine and those in the south, center, and east, as well as older generations, being generally opposed.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier on Nov. 29 that Ukraine had made significant progress in implementing the reforms required for NATO membership.

"Ukraine is closer to NATO than ever before," he added.

The European Commission recommended on Nov. 8 that Ukraine begin accession talks on joining the EU. A unanimous vote from member states in December will be required for the talks to officially begin.

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