Poll: iPhone or iPhablet – which new 2014 iPhone model will you buy?

Zach Epstein
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Completely redesigned iPhone 6 fully detailed in huge leak from insider

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, it’s a done deal: Apple is launching bigger iPhones next year. The “iPhone 6” we have been hearing so much about will in fact be two iPhones, the report claimed. One will feature a new larger 4.7-inch display and the second will climb into “iPhablet” territory and sport a massive 5.5-inch screen. Both handsets are said to feature glass that curves downward toward the edges, and earlier chatter suggested that Apple will keep the phones’ size down by using a nearly borderless design on the sides of the displays. Little else is known for the time being. Details are of course still scarce but we want to hear from you. Among those of you out there who want to purchase a new larger iPhone next year, would you rather buy a 4.7-inch model or a 5.5-inch model? Let us know in the poll below, provided by Input Factory’s Polar app.

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