Poll: 59 Percent of Americans Think They Are Financially Better Off Than They Were a Year Ago

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We are supposedly living in the final, dystopian hours of Late Capitalism. And the wretched, miserable 99 percent will soon force radical change on an exhausted, corrupt system. But if true, what to make of the result of last night’s New Hampshire primary result, where the moderates beat the “big, structural change” progressives by some 20 percentage points? If Democratic primary voters aren’t ready for “democratic socialism” or whatever Bernieconomics really is, then who is?

Moreover, there’s all the recent polling data suggesting maybe we’re really not all that miserable and wretched. Gallup finds 59 percent of Americans agreeing they’re financially better off than they were a year ago, the highest such percentage on record. Likewise, CNN finds that 76 percent rate economic conditions in the US today as “very or somewhat good” — the highest share since 80 percent in February 2001. And another Gallup poll reports that nine in 10 Americans are “satisfied with the way things are going in their personal life,” a new high in the four decades that the firm has asked the question. And three–fourths of us expect tomorrow will be better than today.

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