Polish Prime Minister explains why Warsaw is not sending weapons to Ukraine

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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki explained on Wednesday, 20 September that Warsaw is now focused on rearming its own army and therefore is not providing military assistance to Kyiv.

Source: Morawiecki said this on the Polsat television channel, reports European Pravda

Details: Answering the question of whether Poland will continue to support Ukraine in military terms, the head of the Polish government said that at the moment, Warsaw is not providing Kyiv with any weapons because "we are arming ourselves with the most modern weapons".

Quote: "If you don't want to be on the defensive, you have to have something to defend yourself with. This is our principle, so we have increased purchases [of weapons - ed.]," he added.

Morawiecki also mentioned his recent visits to weapons factories where Polish equipment is made, including the self-propelled Krab howitzer and Rosomak armoured personnel carriers.

"Here we focus mainly on the modernisation and rapid arming of the Polish army so that it becomes one of the strongest armies in Europe. And this is in a very short time," the Prime Minister of Poland explained.

He added that Poland's decision not to give Ukraine weapons would not jeopardise the security of Ukraine: "Our hub in Rzeszów, in consultation with the United States and NATO, is still playing the role it has been playing and will continue to play it".

According to the Polish authorities, Warsaw has provided over €3 billion in military aid to Kyiv since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine began.

This includes ammunition, armoured vehicles and heavy equipment, as well as Soviet-era fighters, which Poland was one of the first to provide.

Morawiecki's statements came amid tensions between Warsaw and Kyiv over Polish unilateral restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural products and Ukraine's response.

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