Polish farmers block movement of trucks from Ukraine at two checkpoints – State Border Guard Service

Poland-Ukraine border
Poland-Ukraine border
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Polish farmers are currently preventing trucks from leaving Ukraine at the Yahodyn and Rava-Ruska checkpoints, Andriy Demchenko, spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service, said on March 24.

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The border crossings in Uhryniv, Yahodyn, and Rava-Ruska are affected, with trucks traveling from Ukraine to Poland being halted by the farmers.

Demchenko stated on national television that there have been no border crossings from Ukraine in recent times. While some trucks are allowed through from Poland into Ukraine, the flow is far from optimal for both directions.

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At the Yahodyn checkpoint, approximately 60 trucks managed to pass through within a day, but queues are forming at unaffected checkpoints along the Polish border without disruptions to truck traffic.

Similar queues are observed at border checkpoints with Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. At the Uzhhorod checkpoint, which borders Slovakia, around 300 trucks are waiting. In Hungary, about 800 trucks are queued at the Tisa checkpoint, while approximately 400 trucks are waiting to enter Ukraine from Romania at the Porubne checkpoint.

The blockade of traffic by Polish farmers has exacerbated these queues, making border crossings with Poland particularly challenging.

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Key points regarding the Ukrainian-Polish border blockade:

  • Polish protesters initiated the blockade on Feb. 20, affecting several checkpoints.

  • This action led to political tensions and damage to Ukrainian agricultural goods.

  • The European Parliament Committee supported extending duty-free trade for Ukraine on March 7, 2024.

  • Ukraine responded by expressing readiness to restrict trade with the EU on its terms.

  • Polish farmers intensified their strike on March 20, completely halting truck traffic at Yahodyn and Rava-Ruska border crossings.

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