Polish agrarians say they will block all Ukrainian freight transport

Stock photo: Getty Images
Stock photo: Getty Images

Polish agrarians will block all border crossings between Poland and Ukraine, as well as access roads to railway transshipment stations and seaports, starting from 20 February.

Source: RMF FM, citing a statement from Solidarity, an Independent Farmers’ Self-Governing Trade Union; European Pravda

Details: "Not only border crossings, but also transport hubs, access roads to railway transshipment stations and seaports, will be blocked," the trade union said.

Polish agrarians began a new wave of protests on 9 February, set to last 30 days.

The agrarians said they are protesting the uncontrolled flow of Ukrainian goods into Poland enabled by a European Union decision. They said the lack of regulation undermines the profitability of agricultural production, processing and other agriculture-related industries.

"That is why we’re announcing that as part of the 30-day agrarians’ strike on 20 February all protest activities will be directed towards completely blockading all Polish border crossings with Ukraine and field protests," Solidarity said.

The protesters urged the public to support their protests, claiming that they are aimed at "ensuring [Poland’s] food security".

Farmers’ protests have been going on for many weeks now, not only in Poland but across Europe. Producers stand against unregulated import of food from Ukraine, but also against EU rules related to the European Green Deal.

On 11 February, Polish agrarians protesting near the Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint on the Polish-Ukrainian border spilled grain from three Ukrainian trucks on the ground.

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