Police in Wisconsin Arrest 64-Year-Old Woman for Second Time in Two Days

Police in Shorewood, Wisconsin, said a 64-year-old woman was arrested for the second time in two days on June 7 for allegedly pushing a person protesting at her house over an incident the day before in which she allegedly spat at a black teenager.

The earlier incident occurred when the woman allegedly interrupted an anti-racism protest in Milwaukee with her car and became engaged in an altercation with protesters. Video shows her appear to spit in the direction of a young male.

Police said the woman had been arrested and booked over this incident, but that, “due to the Milwaukee County Jail’s current policies pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to take her to the Milwaukee County Jail.”

On Sunday, protesters chalked anti-racism messages outside the woman’s house. According to the police statement on that day, the suspect slapped the chest of and pushed one of the protesters.

When police eventually made contact with the suspect, she allegedly kneed an officer in the groin. Credit: Payton Hanrahan via Storyful