Police rescue baby from hot car in Lacey

Lacey police reportedly asked for a child neglect charge for a man who left his baby in a hot car Tuesday.

Police estimated the 6-month-old had been in a locked car for about 20 minutes. The child was alert, but sweating heavily, when they got the baby out.

“The infant was seen buckled into his seat with a light blanket over it,” Sergeant Jeremy Knight of the Lacey Police Department said.

They said the temperature outside was in the mid-70s, but ranged from 100 to 140 degrees at various places inside the vehicle.

Witnesses called the police after they couldn’t find the car owner. Several announcements were made inside a store the car was parked in front of for the owner of the vehicle.

The father eventually came out of the store and said he’d been getting a haircut.

Police have contacted Child Protective Services. The child was released to a family member that arrived.