Police and Protesters Clash During Pension Reform Rally in Novosibirsk

Police and activists clashed in the central Russian city of Novosibirsk on Sunday, September 9, as protests against proposed reforms to pension legislation continued across the country.

Radio Free Europe (RFE) reported detentions in Moscow and St Petersburg. More than 50 people were detained in St Petersburg, according to some reports.

These videos show events in Novosibirsk, where police can be seen tusseling with and forcing back a number of people. Demonstrators can be heard chanting the word “fascists” in Russian.

The proposals would see the retirement age rise from 55 to 60 for women and from 60 to 65 for men, with the changes expected to be rolled out gradually and in place by 2028.

Radio Free Europe reported this was watered down from earlier plans passed in parliament to increase the retirement age for women to 63. Credit: Andrey Ksenchuk via Storyful