Police: Officers had ‘very little indication’ arrest of man would turn violent at Dayton apartment

A new portion of body camera video and newly obtained 911 call are shedding new light on what led to a violent arrest in Dayton last month.

Dayton officers were called out to an assault complaint in the 400 block of Dayton Towers Drive on April 20. A man who was described as being disabled and legally blind told police that 38-year-old Bruce Broyles forced his way into the apartment he was in and hit him in the head.

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News Center 7 obtained the 911 call about the alleged assault and it provides more information about the incident.

“There’s a bunch of yelling and screaming, I don’t know if they’re slamming doors or throwing each other through walls,” a 911 caller told dispatchers, noting they heard a woman scream.

The call brought Dayton officers to the eighth floor of the apartment building. New body camera video was obtained Tuesday and showed officers speaking separately with Broyles and another man. That other man, the victim of the alleged assault, said Broyles followed him and another resident into the building from the outside.

The man claimed to know Broyles, who claimed to live in the building with his mother. He said Broyles had never put his hands on him before.

In the video, officers asked the man if he had any injuries.

“On my face,” the man said.

Police then decided to arrest Broyles which lead to a violent struggle, as shown in body camera video we obtained Monday.

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Police said Broyles would not let officers handcuff him and a violent struggle unfolded in the hallway of the apartment building. Body camera video from two of the three officers involved shows officers wrestling Broyles to the ground.

Court records indicate that Broyles punched one officer twice, including once in the face. He also allegedly managed to begin choking another officer during the struggle before his hand was broken. Police also say he bit an officer.

Police said two officers had to be treated for injuries. One is still on the job after hurting their shoulder and another was diagnosed with a concussion.

Maj. Jason Hall told News Center 7 that this was an example of how quickly situations officers deal with can change.

“They had a prolonged contact with this individual prior to the arrest with, in hindsight, very little indication things would go this way,” Hall said.

Broyles was indicted on six charges in April in connection to the incident.