Police locate missing Los Angeles girl

LOS ANGELES (AP) — After an overnight search, police found a 10-year-old girl on Wednesday near a coffee shop six miles from her home in a Los Angeles suburb.

The girl was spotted by someone who recognized her from information that had been publicized and contacted authorities, police Capt. Kris Pitcher said.

She had been dropped off by an unidentified individual and found outside a Starbucks, authorities said. Officers say they saw bruises and cuts on her face.

"She basically is in shock right now," Pitcher said. "She's walking, she's talking, she's conversing with the officers and with the FBI agents, and with the doctors and the nurses at the hospital."

The girl was wearing an oversized white T-shirt and was barefoot when she was found after a nearly 12-hour search. Her parents reported the night before that she had been wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with characters from the TV show "Heroes" before she vanished from the family home in Northridge.

Los Angeles police asked that the girl's name not be used because they were still investigating her disappearance.

It was unclear if she might have been abducted or lured from her home.

"We are turning every stone we can to catch up with this individual," Pitcher said.

The girl's parents said she was last seen in her bedroom after midnight and was gone when they checked on her a few hours later, police spokesman Richard French said.

There was no indication of foul play, and the parents said nothing happened in the house that might have prompted the girl to run away, French said.

Officers went door to door in a two-mile radius and interviewed the girl's classmates and friends. The FBI's child abduction unit was also involved in the search, Pitcher said.

Police Lt. Terri Brinkmeyer said the girl did not have a history of running away.

"She's a good kid. She's not a troublemaker, and this isn't anything she would normally do," he said.