Police Use Grappler Device to End Chase on Arizona Freeway

Video released by the Arizona Department of Public Safety gives a dramatic demonstration of the Grappler Police Bumper in action.

The device was invented several years ago by an Arizona man as a way to help end high-speed pursuits by disabling a back tire of a suspect’s vehicle.

In this instance, a woman driving on the I-10 freeway in Phoenix on September 22 called 911 to say her vehicle was being repeatedly hit by a car following her.

State trooper video shows the suspect’s vehicle continuing to strike the woman’s vehicle even after they arrive on the scene. Because of this, it was decided to use the grappler device, which grabbed the suspect’s rear tire and halted the car.

The suspect was named as Amy Sharie Pierce, 39, of Mesa. She was booked on charges of criminal damage, endangerment, unlawful flight and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Credit: Arizona Department of Public Safety via Storyful