Police Dog Stabbed to Death by MS-13 Members in Virginia

A police dog, like the one in Virginia who was killed by the inmates.
(Photo Credit: niuniu | Getty Images)
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During a sudden prison attack, MS-13 members killed a K-9 in Sussex I State Prison, Virginia. The attack involved four inmates, three of whom have affiliations with the notorious gang MS-13. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has pledged to ensure justice is served for the police dog.

MS-13 members stab police dog ‘Rivan’ in a ‘barbaric’ act

The dog was protecting Corrections Officer Kharmishia Philip Fields at the time of the attack, as Fox News reports. Youngkin stated, “God bless Rivan, a heroic K-9 who was killed in the line of duty in Virginia. These barbaric members of MS-13 will be held accountable.”

According to the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC), the dog was fatally injured in an attack where the inmates repeatedly stabbed and kicked the animal. Moreover, all four of them were reportedly illegal immigrants at the time of their arrest.

Additionally, the VADOC issued a statement to pay tribute to the fallen police dog. In a post shared by VADOC on X, they mourned Rivan while calling him a hero as he protected a corrections officer, staff, and inmates at Sussex I State Prison.

The incident took place on Tuesday, April 2, when three inmates initiated an attack on a fellow inmate within the cells, as per The Washington Times. Meanwhile, another inmate seemed to be overseeing the incident.

Rivan and Officer Phillip Fields swiftly intervened, prompting the inmates to redirect their aggression towards the dog. Officer Phillip Fields, along with additional officers, managed to regain control of the situation. Subsequently, they administered first aid to the dog. However, despite their efforts, Rivan tragically did not survive.

Chat Dotson, VADOC Director, noted, “The loss of Rivan is truly tragic, but it is important to remember he did not die in vain… The VADOC will never forget Rivan’s sacrifice.”

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