Police burn 'dangerous' chemical found in yard of accused G20 activist

The Canadian Press

TORONTO - Toronto police have incinerated what they say were "dangerous materials" found at the former home of a man arrested before the G20 summit.

The material was taken to a site on the city's waterfront on Wednesday night to be destroyed.

Acting on submissions heard in court early last week, police found the materials one source said was potassium chlorate in the backyard of the home once occupied by Byron Sonne.

Sonne, 39, is awaiting a verdict on four counts of possessing explosives and one count of counselling mischief not committed.

His trial wrapped up Monday and Ontario Superior Court Justice Nancy Spies reserved her decision, which is to be rendered this month.

The self-described security and computer geek maintains he was trying to expose flaws in G20 security back in 2010, and had no plans to make bombs.