Police in Atlanta area respond to gun shots at home and probe possible sex trafficking

Police in an Atlanta-area city responding to shots fired at a home on Thursday found numerous women there and are investigating the possibility the residence was used for sex trafficking, authorities said.

South Fulton police detained 19 people at the home, most of them women between 16 and about 40 years old, police said. South Fulton is about 20 miles (32km) southwest of Atlanta.

Neighbors had complained the home was used for parties. South Fulton Police Chief Keith Meadows said a “sex party” had been advertised for this weekend at the residence.

“We’ve had complaints about possibly sex trafficking,” he said. “So we’ve not ruled that out as a possibility.”

Nearly all of the people who were detained did not live at the home. Two of them had active warrants, Meadows said.

“Many of the residents out here have extended their gratitude to the police department,” the chief said at a news conference. “Apparently, this has been a problem residence for them for quite some time.”

The first officer who responded witnessed shots being fired behind the home. Additional police responded and set up a perimeter before moving in, Meadows said.