Police arrest man on suspicion of murder in Fort Worth video game system sale killing

There were a couple of elements in a killing last week in far north Fort Worth that, had they gone just a tick in a different way, might not have left Kenneth Johnson dead in a driveway.

His killing was the difference between an PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The difference between a gunshot wound to a relatively insignificant location on his body and a spot that would kill him.

The video game system sale occurred by a community poolhouse about noon on Nov. 15, according to an arrest warrant affidavit written by a Fort Worth police homicide detective to support the shooter’s arrest on Monday on suspicion of murder.

Mateo Deanda was getting ripped off.

Deanda, who is 34, handed over $700 to pay for a video game system, and Johnson, 19, counted it.

The seller pulled out older games from a backpack and offered to sell those, too.

Deanda declined, but as Johnson put them away, he also got a look at the gaming system. The console was a generation older than the one on which they had agreed in offerup.com messages.

Johnson ran. Deanda yelled out for him to stop and pulled an handgun from his waistband, according to the affidavit.

He fired a couple of rounds into the ground. Johnson kept running.

Deanda again fired, this time at Johnson. He told Detective Christina Watson that he intended to shoot his target in the leg or butt.

Indeed, one of the rounds hit Johnson’s right thigh. Another round hit his lower abdomen, and that was the wound that killed him.

Johnson fell in the 8500 block of Ranch Hand Trail.

“You got me,” he said.

His breathing became labored.

Deanda put his gun on the ground.

He called 911.

He started CPR.

But first, he took $700 out of Johnson’s pocket.