Poland blocks 5 border crossing points

Five border crossing points between Ukraine and Poland on the Polish side are blocked as of the evening of Monday, 12 February.

Source: State Customs Service of Ukraine; European Pravda

Details: As of 9 February, Polish farmers have been blocking the lorry traffic in front of the Dorohusk – Yahodyn checkpoint. Over the past day, 89 lorries were cleared for entry, while only 5 were allowed to exit.

The queue at the Dorohusk checkpoint currently consists of 650 lorries.

Starting 12 February, partial restrictions on certain categories of vehicles have also been imposed at the Zosyn – Ustyluh crossing point.

The movement of passenger cars, buses, and freight vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes is unrestricted at the checkpoint. Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are allowed to pass at a speed of 3 vehicles per hour in each direction.

Strikes continue at the Hrebenne – Rava-Ruska and Dołhobyczów – Uhryniv checkpoints. Polish farmers persist in obstructing the lorry traffic from Ukraine. Currently, around 10 lorries are being cleared for exit per day.

Partial disruptions are observed in the smooth operation of the Shehyni – Medyka checkpoint.


  • Farmers from all around Poland started a new protest action on Friday, 9 February. It will see Polish-Ukrainian border checkpoints and roads leading to them blocked, and is expected to last for 30 days.

  • On 11 February, Polish agrarians protesting near the checkpoint on the Polish-Ukrainian border spilled grain from three Ukrainian lorries on the ground.

  • The Ukrainian Embassy in Poland said it expects a strong reaction from Poland after the incident at the border, where protesting farmers spilled grain from Ukrainian lorries.

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