Poland aims to halt Ukrainian grain transit from April, negotiations with Kyiv underway

Poland hopes for the cessation of transit of Ukrainian wheat and corn from April 1.
Poland hopes for the cessation of transit of Ukrainian wheat and corn from April 1.
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Warsaw expects to conclude negotiations with Kyiv this week to implement licenses for agricultural products, aiming to halt Ukrainian grain transit through Poland from Apr. 1, said Polish Minister of Development and Technology Krzysztof Hetman in an interview with Radio Lublin on March 25.

"We've made significant progress in negotiations with Ukraine on the licensing system, which our predecessors failed to implement,” he stated.

“We're already negotiating with the Ukrainian side on sensitive products for the Polish economy. I hope these negotiations will be finalized this week."

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Additionally, the Polish government plans to offer extra payments to farmers with surplus wheat.

"We anticipate, as discussed with Ukraine, that transit, mainly of corn and wheat, will effectively cease from April 1."

Earlier, Polish Radio reported that farmers suspended their protest in Grzechotki village on the Russian border due to the approaching Easter holidays.

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Polish farmers continue to block truck movement at six crossing points: Yahodyn, Ustyluh, Uhryniv, Rava-Ruska, Shehyni, and Krakovets. Protesters completely halted truck movement at the Shehyni checkpoint on March 1.

Polish protesters began restricting traffic on the Ukrainian border on Feb. 20, blocking trucks at various checkpoints.

The farmers have articulated several demands, including the abolition of duty-free trade with Ukraine and complete closure of the Ukrainian-Polish border for trucks.

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Poland also requested Ukraine to abolish the electronic queue at three checkpoints.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry contends that the Polish border blockades lack justification, regardless of the slogans used.

Polish Minister of Development and Technology Krzysztof Hetman expressed support for the farmers' cause.

Reports emerged of restrictions on passenger transportation, and a controversy arose over a pro-Russian banner on a farm tractor at the border. The Polish police charged the farmer with inciting hatred.

Protesters emptied grain from eight railroad cars carrying Ukrainian agricultural products overnight on Feb. 24-25, marking the fourth such incident. Poland reported difficulty in retrieving all spilled grain.

Ukrainian and Polish officials convened talks on Feb. 28 to explore options for unblocking the border while addressing farmers' interests.

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