PlayStation Now Hits Sony TVs on June 30

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PlayStation Now Hits Sony TVs on June 30

Ever since its announcement at CES 2014, gamers have been eager to get their hands on PlayStation Now: a service that lets them stream PS3 games to a variety of Sony systems without requiring a game console. They need not wait much longer, as the program will launch in a limited fashion on all Sony 4K TVs and select 1080p TVs on June 30.

Sony shared this information in a blog post about its lineup of 4K TVs. While the post focused mostly on 4K's capacity for ultra-high-definition picture and color quality, it also let slip that Sony TV owners have to wait only a few more days to try out PlayStation Now for themselves.

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Users need only a Sony 4K TV or a select 1080p TV (specific models are still something of a mystery) and a PlayStation 3 controller. They can then access the Private Pilot Service, which will offer a small selection of streaming PS3 titles for rental. The length of time per rental and price will vary by game, and Sony has not revealed which games will be a part of its pilot program.

The blog post also boasts that Sony currently has more 4K content available than its competitors via its proprietary 4K Ultra HD media player. This claim is true at present, although whether the separate media player and 4K downloads are worth the money are still up for debate.

As the PlayStation Now service evolves, it will also be available on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita systems, as well as additional 1080p Sony Smart TVs. The service will also expand to offer hundreds of games instead of just a handful, and will allow PS4 controllers as well as PS3 controllers.

A private beta for PlayStation Now recently kicked off on PS4, garnering some mixed reviews in the process. VentureBeat noted that while the service's streaming performance was smooth, Sony is going to have to restructure its pricing plan when the final product launches. As an example, you can currently purchase a 90-day rental of games like "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" and "Saints Row: The Third" for $30, which is more expensive than buying a physical version of the game.

Sony has yet to tell gamers when PlayStation Now will be widely available, but June 30 will be its first time in front of a large number of consumers. If it goes well (and if Sony can fix the service's somewhat troublesome pricing plans), expect to see PlayStation Now expand sooner rather than later.

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