PlayStation 4 users can now stream music videos for free

Chris Smith
PlayStation 4 users can now stream music videos for free

In addition to being available on the PlayStation 3, VidZone can now be downloaded on the PlayStation 4 as well, Sony announced on its PlayStation blog. The application lets users stream music videos for free on the console and has been “fully optimized” for the PS4 to offer “faster start up times and quick navigation,” as well as “enhanced social integration features” including grabbing screenshots and sharing them with friends over Twitter and Facebook directly from the PS4 controller, and having VidZone activity displayed in friends’ “What’s New” feed. The VidZone application offers access to thousands of HD music videos and support for creating unlimited playlists and watching hundreds of VidZone TV channels. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the “TV & Video section” of the PS4’s home screen, or from the “App” section of the PlayStation Store.

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