PlayStation 4 tops Xbox One on gamers’ holiday wish lists according to Reuters poll

Zach Epstein

PlayStation 4 Xbox One Poll
PlayStation 4 Xbox One Poll

If a recent poll commissioned by Reuters and conducted by Ipsos is any indication, sales of Sony’s new PlayStation 4 will handily top Xbox One sales this holiday season. The poll asked 1,297 people between September 23rd and September 27th which next-generation console, if any, they intended to buy ahead of the holidays this year. According to the report, 26% said they will likely purchase a PlayStation 4 and just 15% said they are likely to purchase Microsoft’s Xbox One. Narrowing the poll down to respondents under 40, Reuters says 41% picked Sony’s PS4 while 27% chose the Xbox One. Microsoft’s upcoming new video game console overcame a number of early public relations hurdles following its unveiling earlier this year, but it looks like it hasn’t been enough to sway the majority of gamers if this poll is any indication. Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox One launches on November 22nd for $499.99 and Sony’s PlayStation 4 will debut a week earlier on November 15th for $399.99.

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