PlayStation 4 beating Xbox One in early U.K. sales

Brad Reed
November 29, 2013
Netflix predicts that the next PS4 and Xbox One models will support 4K

It’s still very early in the new console wars but it looks like Sony’s PlayStation 4 seems to have a slight early edge over Microsoft’s Xbox One so far. The Telegraph reports that retailer GAME says that early demand for the PS4 is off the charts and that preorders for the new console have been around four times greater than what it saw for the PlayStation 3. The Telegraph also says that Amazon is projecting that the PS4 “will become the fastest selling console in Amazon UK history” and will overtake the record sales that the company has already seen for the Xbox One that launched in the country last week. We’re still in the very early stages, of course, and many gamers are still waiting to see what future console exclusives come out for the Xbox One and PS4 before making a decision on which console to buy.

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