Obscene new web game makes joke of Facebook privacy settings

Daniel Bean

Well, at least Facebook's security settings aren't THIS bad.

A new web game called the "Realistic Facebook Security Simulator" pokes fun at the social networking giant's complicated and ever-changing privacy settings. Each screen in the game offers several multiple choice questions about how Facebook should handle your content, giving players 20 seconds to answer the whole lot "correctly" before moving on.

These fake Facebook settings will prompt you for preferences on settings like: "Zoom in when I'm pictured eating - Yes, No?" and "Automatically tag me when I look drunk - Yes, No?" It seems that answering quickly with common sense responses will get you on to the next round, but with every couple of screens the amount of preferences that you have to set increase; not to mention that some of these things are written in a different language.

You get the joke.

If you run out of time or answer any one of the questions wrong, you'll be hit with this (below) creepy,

taunting animation of Zuck's head on a lady's body.

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The game also lets you share your high score on Facebook, of course.

Meanwhile, here's a screenshot (below) of actual Facebook privacy settings. We hope you can easily tell the difference.

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Try your luck at Realistic Facebook Privacy Simulator by clicking the link here, but be warned, the game does contain some explicit language.