'Plants vs. Zombies' receives bumper crop of new modes

AFP Relax News
I, Zombie Endless and Vasebreaker are new to 'Plants vs. Zombies' on iPad.

If you've got Plants vs. Zombies languishing unused on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch -- you know, the game we all obsessed about before Angry Birds made off with our spare minutes -- now might be a good time to fire it up again as PopCap is pushing out a bunch of new modes and features.

The iPad version has the most to gain here, with 28 new Game Center achievements, Zen Garden mode, Vasebreaker Endless mode, and I, Zombie Endless mode for free, and the Mushroom Garden and Aquarium Garden as optional extras.

There's also a new mini-game, Slot Machine, that comes as standard, while players can choose to cough up for Zombiquarium, Portal Combat and Beghouled Twist.

The iPhone and iPod touch equivalents get Vasebreaker and Vasebreaker Endless plus a Vasebreaker leaderboard and four Game Center achievements.

What's in it for PopCap? Well, in-app purchases are new to Plants vs. Zombies too, ensuring that the money can keep on flowing into PopCap coffers beyond the game's initial $3 or $6 purchase price, courtesy of ardent anti-zombie horticulturalists or those who simply want to make progress a little bit faster.