The Planet Earth Is Trolling American Climate Change Activists

New data indicates that last month was the world's fourth-warmest March in recorded history. But, apparently to troll American environmental activists, that warmth was obvious everywhere except the United States.

This is how temperatures in each part of the globe compared in March, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Most of the Earth's surface area is red to some degree, indicating temperatures above the average temperature the world saw between 1981 and 2010. But you will notice the exception that is North America.

In January — which was the fourth-warmest January on record — we pointed out that if you lived in America, it didn't seem very warm. But global warming's effects are uneven and disparate. So a very warm month in one place (like March in northern Russia) doesn't mean it's warm in the Great Lakes.

The problem is that Americans' acceptance of climate change is linked to the temperature outside. So during the fourth-warmest March in recorded history — the 349th straight month above the 20th century average — carved out North America for an especially cold run. Encouraging people like this guy to say things like this.

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Thanks, planet Earth. But you should realize that these people were just trying to help.

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