Pizza Hut Taiwan dishes up cilantro, intestines and pig's blood-topped pizza

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Pizza Hut in Taiwan launched a new culinary concoction this week called the Cilantro Pig's Blood Wu Geng Chang Wang Pizza (香菜豬血糕五便腸旺比薩). The new dish serves as a creative follow-up to their Cilantro Century Egg Pig’s Blood Cake Pizza (香菜皮蛋豬血糕比薩) released in 2021.

According to Taiwan News, Wu Geng Chang Wang is sometimes erroneously thought to be from Sichuan, but is, in fact, a Taiwanese invention.

The dish was supposedly created either by a Taiwanese chef of former dictator Chiang Ching-kuo or by a housewife living in a military dependents village by combining ingredients into a hot pot. Wu Geng Chang Wang is often found in Sichuan-style restaurants in Taiwan and overseas.

The name of the dish comes from either the time frame it is cooked, 3 a.m. to 5 a.m., or to its five plant ingredients, according to Taiwan News.

Pizza Hut’s newest pizza is topped with a combination of pig's intestines, pig's blood cake, pig's blood, cilantro, garlic shoots, chili pepper, mozzarella cheese and a special Wu Geng sauce.

Reactions to the pizza have been mixed, with some raving about it and others likening it to something out of a horror flick.

In a post he uploaded to his Facebook account on Monday, Taiwanese actor and singer Aaron Yan claimed he was the first to try the latest cilantro pizza dish. He said he initially thought the new combination was “absurd,” but swore it is “really delicious.”

On Tuesday, Taiwanese journalist Leslie Liao tweeted an image of the pizza and described the ingredients as a "Lovecraftian horror” and that Taiwan Pizza Hut “damn lost they minds.”

In between the century egg pizza and now this most recent pig intestine pie was another head-turning creation from Pizza Hut Taiwan. In October of 2021, they introduced a Halloween-themed pizza with ingredients of black garlic and curry.

Pizza Hut Taiwan’s ambitious takes on pizza are all part of the company’s strategy for attracting customers. In an interview with Bloomberg Quint, general manager of Pizza Hut Taiwan, Antony Leung, said “we leveraged social listening to understand customers’ preferences” and “online data also told us that Taiwan customers value local flavors and a food sensation.”

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