Pittsburg County District Court felony filings -- Nov. 6-10, 2023

Nov. 16—This report reflects public felony cases filed at the Pittsburg County Courthouse between the dates listed. The reader should keep in mind that these are charges, and not evidence of guilt. Active arrest warrants issued by the court are included in this report. Disposition of charges are published in subsequent reports. Many names are similar and, in some cases, identical to a person not being charged. When names are identical, the News-Capital will publish a disclaimer, which more completely identifies the person being charged.


Brycen Ray Battles, 19, Indianola — Endangering others while eluding/attempting to elude police officer

Alex Deroin Bringinggood, 35, Hartshorne — Domestic abuse-assault and battery, assault and battery, obstructing officer, public intoxication

John David McCarty, 77, McAlester — Domestic assault, battery, or assault and battery with a dangerous weapon

David Prince, 40, McAlester — Pornography-procure/produce/distribute/possess juvenile pornography, violation of Oklahoma statue via computer

Johnnie Lee Nick, 70, McAlester — Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon


Kirby Glenn Yates, 55, Jackie Brannon Correctional Center, received a 10-year suspended sentence for escaping from Department of Corrections.

Kevin Paul Cormier, 54, McAlester, received a two concurrent two year suspended sentences for possession of a firearm after former felony conviction and use of surveillance equipment in commission of a crime. Counts of unlawful possession of controlled dangerous drug with intent to distribute and knowingly concealing stolen property were dismissed.

Melanie Dilts, 65, McAlester, received a seven-year suspended sentence for neglect by a caretaker. A charge of second-degree manslaughter was dismissed.

Trey Courtlan Case, 31, Wilburton, received a 10-year suspended sentence with one-year in the Pittsburg County Jail for grand larceny and applications to revoke filed and granted in other felony cases.

Forcible oral sodomy and sexual battery were dismissed against Robert Duane Westley Richardson, 26, McAlester, after the alleged victim could not be present for a preliminary hearing in the matter due to being in federal custody.

Unlawful possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute, possession of forged instruments, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia were dismissed against Barry W. Reynolds, 43, McAlester, in the interest of justice.

Grand larceny was dismissed against Randall Lee Howell, 56, Red Oak, at the request of the victim.

—Derrick James