Pippa Middleton's Swedish Kiss; Prince Harry Takes the Caribbean

Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Pippa Middleton completed a 56-mile marathon ski race in Sweden and got a kiss for her trouble, Prince Harry is having a terrific time in the Bahamas, and Adele thinks her new place is haunted

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Pippa Middleton completed a 56-mile cross country ski race in Western Sweden over the weekend. 56 miles! She placed 412th in the women's category, but that's not the point. After she crossed the finish line, race official Erik Smedhs somewhat inexplicably hopped and planted a kiss on Middleton's cheek, which she didn't appear thrilled with. [The Telegraph]

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In other royal news, Prince Harry launched a week-long tour of the Caribbean and Central America to mark Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. As you would expect, he's been having a lot of fun. In Belize on Friday, he went to a rum tasting and "enjoyed an evening of dancing" in the streets of Belmopan. On Saturday, he visited an ancient Mayan temple. Now he's in the Bahamas, where he's already given a speech, been forced to abandon a speedboat in the middle of the ocean, and had the reigning Miss Bahamas, a "model and broadcaster" named Anastagia Pierre, announce that she'd be willing to marry the visiting royal. All this, and he still has stops to make in Jamaica and Brazil. [The Daily Mail]

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Adele is apparently telling friends that she thinks the £7 million West Sussex mansion she moved into last month is haunted. We know, celebrities always make jokes about how they think their creaky new homes are chock-a-block with ghosts, but Adele seems more serious: a friend says the singer is "convinced" the place is haunted, and she's persuaded her driver to start living in the house with her, and also hired two full-time security guards to protect her from the house sounds malevolent spirits. [The Sun]

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Harvey Weinstein has been named to France's Legion d’Honneur by Nicolas Sarkozy. That's quite an honor, but what's even more impressive is that, according to Weinstein, he persuaded the French government -- which selected him for the honor last summer -- to wait on announcing it until next week, ostensibly because he was worried it would hurt his efforts to get a distribution deal for The Artist. Weinstein will officially enter the Legion next week after a ceremony in Paris. His rank will be chevalier. [The Reliable Source]

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In the 4th Congressional Hockey Challenge on Sunday, John Kerry led his team of ragtag lawmakers (including Rep. Mike Quigley, Rep. Pat Meehan, and Rep. Erik Paulsen) to a 5-3 victory over Team Lobbyist. The game was for charity and there's not supposed to be any checking or slashing (because it's a charity hockey game), but of course, there was rough stuff: in the first period, the refs sent attonrey Ian Bennitt of Ball Janik to the penalty box for cross checking Quigley, but not before the Illinois Democrat "retaliated, shoving both Bennitt and Marty Depoy of the Bockorny Group." [Fox News]