PinView Turns Your Facebook Timeline Into a Pinterest Board

Brian Anthony Hernandez

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Ever wished that long, scrolling Facebook Timeline was somehow easier to manage -- like, say, a Pinterest board?

Brand-new Facebook app PinView displays items from your News Feed, Timeline, friends list and multimedia pages as small panels, just like social bookmarking site Pinterest showcases images on Pinboards.

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The spiffy app launched Thursday with the mantra, "Browse Facebook like you browse Pinterest."

Once you download the app, PinView opens up your News Feed in grid format. Buttons on the top right allow you to switch to just viewing stuff from your Timeline, friends' profile photos, photos or videos.

Though already intuitive, its developers already have ambitious goals for how to improve the app such as adding the option to save favorite posts.

"We are also planning to allow you to sort them based on popularity and other non-realtime properties," co-developer Thomas Petersen told Mashable.

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PinView resembles Friendsheet, a similar app that rolled out in January and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg literally pushed the “Like” button on in March.

Sites across the web have used the grid-format display in the past, but Pinterest has found major success presenting the design to the masses.

"It's popular because it allow you to quickly scan lots of pictures -- that is the strength of this format," Thomas says. "It's not something Pinterest invented but they found the proper use for it. ... Imagine if you could browse eBay that way."

What do you think of PinView? Will you try it? Sound off in the comments.

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