Pink On Marriage To Carey Hart: 'Even When I'm Mad, He's Still Hot!'

Pink visits 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' -- The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Pink admitted marriage - to BMX pro Carey Hart - isn't always easy, but there is a silver lining.

"Marriage is real, man," she told Ellen DeGeneres on this coming Monday's Season 10 premiere of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I'm happy a lot of the time (laughing)...I'm happy because even when I'm mad, he's still hot."

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The singer sometimes vents her frustrations in song, and she told Ellen she knows words hurt.

"So y'all fight but the difference is you put music out there talking about how you feel about him?" Ellen asked.

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"I do," Pink answered.

"Does he mind that?" Ellen.

"I think deep down, maybe a little," Pink said.

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The "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" singer said her husband handles it all with a thick skin.

"He's a really good sport," she continued. "He has a great sense of humor and I feel like after I called him a tool [in the song 'So What'] and then he showed up for the video set, it's like what else can you do."

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"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" returns for Season 10 on September 10.

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