Pink diamond fetches record $34.8 million

STORY: This pink diamond sold for $34.8 million

at auction, setting a new world record

Date: File - March 27, 2023

‘The Eternal Pink’ is 10.57 carats

and comes from a mine in Botswana

(Frank Everett, Sotheby’s New York)

"You can't underestimate the rarity of coming across a stone this clear and this intense or vivid in terms of the color at this size. This is almost unheard of, to cross over the 10 carat mark is incredible to find something internally flawless and this beautifully saturated." //

“It's not like any other diamond I've ever seen."

It set a world auction record for a

Fancy Purplish-Pink Diamond

as well as a new price per carat

record for the color grade

Sotheby’s describes it as the most vivid

pink diamond to ever come to market