Pill Identifier review

Download.com staff

Pill Identifier can help you identify over 10,000 medications used in the US, but seems to work only if you know the imprint. Although usable, this app isn't the most useful nor the most accurate pill identifier on Google Play.


Straightforward interface: You type your imprint, choose a shape and color, and view any results in a list, which you can filter by pill shape and color. The plain UI, without any ads or unnecessary elements, is super easy to use.

Offers detailed descriptions: Pill Identifier's entries for most drugs feature enough information (size, manufacturer, active and inactive ingredients) to help you determine how risky the identified pill is.

Good quality images: You can magnify images into a pop-up window to view them more clearly, a feature especially useful on the small screen of smartphones.


Useless without imprints: The app fails to retrieve any results if you try to search drugs based only on their color and shape.

No suggested results: On our Nexus 7 tablet the app did not show any suggested results as in the developer's image gallery, which made most searches a failure.

Bottom Line

Pill Identifier's poor search function and lack of suggested results make it barely usable. It may work better on smartphones, but on tablets it's a really poor app, one you shouldn't bother with. There are several medical apps available for free on Google Play that include in their tools more usable pill identifiers than this app.

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