Piers Morgan says there are no charges yet following Instagram death threat

Piers Morgan had a death threat made against him.(EMPICS Entertainment)
Piers Morgan had a death threat made against him.(EMPICS Entertainment)

Piers Morgan has told fans there are still no charges after he said he received a death threat on social media.

The outspoken broadcaster went to the Metropolitan Police in February last year to report that someone had threatened his life on Instagram.

In the comment — which Morgan shared with his followers on Twitter at the time — he was warned that he was a “marked man” and was “getting killed”.

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The TV star's son Spencer was also apparently threatened.

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The star said there haven't been any charges yet. (PA)

Morgan has now shared an update, telling his TalkTV viewers that “it still hasn’t reached a charging decision”.

He said: “I had a death threat made against me and my eldest son on his Instagram in public — not on private message — [in a] public comment to a picture of me and my son.

“This was back 18 months ago, maybe longer, and I was so incensed by the nature of it and the specifics of it and how grotesque it was doing it on my son’s Instagram. He’s in his late 20s but he was a bit freaked out by it too, that I reported it to the police.”

Piers Morgan with wife Celia and son Spencer. (PA)
Piers Morgan with wife Celia and son Spencer. (PA)

The 57-year-old went on: “I got an update today from them, it still hasn’t reached a charging decision. They knew who this person was months and months and months ago, they had the phone months ago and there’s still no charging decision.

“Now I’m a high profile person who has talked about this in public and there’s still no resolution of this 18 months into this very specific death threat, which if they made on the street, would be a criminal offence.

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“So my point is not just about the complexity of doing all this, but also the accountability that has to come from the full force of the law when people act with impunity on social media.”

Yahoo has contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment.

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