Piers Morgan accused of being ‘misogynistic’ over comments about Madonna

The broadcaster said that Madonna has become the 'biggest cringe-making fiasco in world entertainment'

Piers Morgan received criticism for his comments about Madonna. (TalkTV/Getty)
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Piers Morgan has come under fire from fans after saying that Madonna's behaviour was "utterly embarrassing" for a woman her age and that "you can't be a sexpot in your 60s".

The broadcaster took aim at the Queen of Pop, 64, on his Uncensored show after she announced a huge greatest hits tour, leaving fans to accuse him of being "misogynistic".

Before the show, he tweeted: "I think Madonna’s become the biggest cringe-making fiasco in world entertainment."

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Then during the programme he showed a montage of some of Madonna's recent social media videos and photos and could be heart muttering things like "dear oh dear" and "rock bottom" as it played.

"I find her behaviour, for a woman in her 60s, just utterly embarrassing," he said.

After a discussion with music mogul Louis Walsh about the singer's fitness level, Morgan asked why she couldn't "put on a lot of clothing" and "go and sit in a rocking chair" and do her show that way.

However, the 57-year-old has fallen foul of fans who have claimed he wouldn't say the same to a male performer the same age as Madonna.

"You do realise how ageist and misogynistic that whole segment was right?" tweeted one viewer.

Madonna is going on tour. (Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS)
Madonna is going on tour. (Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS)

Another posted: "Covering the Stones tomorrow?

"Or will it just be women who are still performing after the age of 34?"

Somebody else tweeted: "She’s the icon. You’re the tragic one, obsessed with her."

Another claimed the TV star "wouldn't say the same were it a male".

"How are you in any way qualified to discuss that?" asked another fan.

"I personally don't listen to Madonna's music but she has every right as a musician to do whatever she wants without needing permission from you."

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Yahoo has contacted representatives for Morgan for comment.

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