Pierce County man arrested for crash that killed a Puyallup resident, injured 2 others

A Spanaway man is accused of crashing his Tesla into a Prius in Kent on Wednesday and killing one person.

Kent police officers and firefighters were dispatched to an wreck in the 200 block of Central Avenue North at 9:48 p.m. Witnesses reported to 911 that people were trapped intheir vehicles, according to the Kent Police Department on Facebook.

A 30-year-old man was unconscious inside his red Prius with the doors locked. Life-saving treatments were performed once he was extracted from the car. He was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries, the post said.

Witnesses said that a Tesla drove through a red light at Smith Street and collided with another Prius in the intersection. The Tesla then struck the red Prius, which was leaving a restaurant parking lot. The Prius was pushed into a nearby wall from the force of the crash, the post said.

Two of the three passengers in the Tesla had significant injuries and were transported to local hospitals for treatment. The 23-year-old Spanaway man was transported to the hospital for injuries and was later arrested, the post said. A warrant was requested and approved to take his blood to test for intoxicants.