Piece Comes Flying Off Cybertruck While Driving

Assembly Required

As far as we're aware, a hubcap flying off while driving is not part of the Cybertruck's tech specs — and yet, as new video shows, that seems to be what happened to one not-so-lucky beta driver in California.

The video in question shows a Tesla Cybertruck prototype moseying down what appears to be a San Francisco-area freeway when out of nowhere, the electric pickup's wheel cover shoots almost vertically into the air.

The, er, interestingly designed hubcap, which The Verge referred to as looking like a "ninja death star," then shoots back down to the ground directly in front of another car ahead of the dashcam. The first car seems to be able to get out of its path, but the second one isn't so lucky, and the wheel cover ends up underneath its undercarriage, popping out on the other side in front of the viewer's vantage point as the driver swerves out of the way.

At this point, it's unclear whether the hubcap ends up underneath the car with the dashcam, but it continues driving along the freeway for the rest of the 52-second clip all the same.

Issues Past

This is, of course, not the first time we've heard or seen Cybertruck jankiness.

Just this summer, we've not only seen what's supposed to be an impressive action shot of the Cybertruck's single giant windshield wiper being overwhelmed with mud while offroading, but we've also seen footage of what appears to be another of the Tesla truck's prototypes broken down on the side of the road in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether it's the same Bay Area Cybertruck as the one seen in the above video is anyone's guess because, of course, we have no idea who owns these prototypes or how they got them.

What we do know, however, is that Cybertrucks are allegedly supposed to begin shipping out to the millions of customers on its waitlist in the third quarter of this year — and hopefully, whatever is going on with this hubcap will be fixed by then.

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