After a pick-and-roll career, Steve Nash confidently leading Lakers' move to Princeton offence

Greg Beacham, The Associated Press

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - Steve Nash is learning about much more than just his new city and new teammates during his first few days with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The two-time MVP point guard is also learning an offence that's like nothing he has ever run in 16 NBA seasons.

The Lakers are incorporating major elements of the famed ball-movement schemes known as the Princeton offence into their game plan this fall.

Coach Mike Brown realizes he's taking a risk by installing an offence relying on sophisticated passing and reactions. He believes the Lakers have the veteran personnel to make it work well.

Nobody is more important in that quest than Nash, who's among the best pick-and-roll players of his generation.

Nash says he's already enjoying the challenge to change his game.