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In this Feb. 4, 2012 image made from video, 9-year-old Clara Beatty helps Zuzu Smith with her lines during a play in Winnetka, Ill. Clara is a "buddy mentor" for the Special Gifts Theatre, a drama troupe for children with special needs. Her mother, Janet, says at home or school or church, there, people know her. To them, she is just Clara - the funny, kind girl who wants to be a doctor when she grows up, who's quick to help classmates with homework when she finishes her own. (AP Photo/Martha Irvine)

Young girl with deformity learns to navigate world

Nine-year-old Clara Beatty was born with facial deformities, including underdeveloped cheekbones and a small jaw, caused by a genetic mutation called Treacher Collins syndrome. Her parents discovered Clara was quite able to cope, sometimes better than they. Even today, her mother, Janet Beatty, is astounded at how well her youngest daughter navigates the world.