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In this Feb. 6, 2012 image made from video, Dr. Nancy Young, of the pediatric otolaryngology division at Children's Memorial Hospital, examines 9-year-old Clara Beatty's hearing aids during a visit to the hospital's offices in Glenview, Ill. Clara, who was born with a genetic mutation called Treacher Collins syndrome, uses special hearing aids that attach with magnets placed under her skin because she has very narrow ear canals and only remnants of outer ears. (AP Photo/Martha Irvine)

Young girl with deformity learns to navigate world

Nine-year-old Clara Beatty was born with facial deformities, including underdeveloped cheekbones and a small jaw, caused by a genetic mutation called Treacher Collins syndrome. Her parents discovered Clara was quite able to cope, sometimes better than they. Even today, her mother, Janet Beatty, is astounded at how well her youngest daughter navigates the world.