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World's most unusual mobile homes

Leaf House

Who says mobile homes need to be outdated and clunky? The Leaf House is an energy-efficient reiteration of the trailer home that boasts a rustic, Northern aesthetic with a modern spin. You really wouldn't know by looking at the spacious interior that it was a house on wheels!!

10 of the world's most interesting homes on wheels

Shoddy construction, trailer parks and FEMA trailers have given America a pretty negative view of "mobile homes," but that attitude has been slowly changing with the arrival of some truly stylish, well-crafted and, in some cases, wackily original movable houses. Just because your house has wheels doesn't mean it can't be well designed or interesting.

Click through this exclusive-to-Yahoo slideshow of Inhabitat's favorite-ever homes on wheels to explore some of today's most exciting portable abodes -- from a camper so tiny you can transport it by bike, to a modern-day pioneer wagon with a cat observation deck! | By Yuka Yoneda, Inhabitat

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