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President Woodrow Wilson and Pope Benedict XV

January 4th, 1919 was the historic meeting between President Woodrow Wilson (R) and Pope Benedict XV (L). The event occurred while President Wilson was on a tour of Europe following World War One. This was the first ever meeting between an incumbent U.S. President and a Pope. According to the John D. Powell, Curator of the Woodrow Wilson House, 'The President had a private audience with the Pope, who presented him with a mosaic of St. Peter after Guido Reni's famous painting. Today the mosaic is displayed in the Wilsons' drawing room at Woodrow Wilson House.' (vatican.usembassy.gov) ( (Photos by Evening Standard/Getty Images, Bettman/CORBIS)

When The President Meets The Pope

We've come a long way from an era in which a Catholic presidential candidate, JFK, faced voters worried he would take order from the Vatican. President Obama meets eagerly Thursday with Pope Francis, an international superstar reshaping the way the world thinks about the Church. Here is how history records past meetings of sitting presidents and reigning popes.

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