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Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is Sold Out Worldwide in all Colors

Apple's ( ) iPhone 7 plus is sold out in all colors worldwide. The jet black version of the iPhone 7 is sold out. It does appear that demand for the larger screen sized iPhone with the dual lens camera is seeing stronger demand than expected. The phone was supposed to be for sale in stores tomorrow but now that won't happen. Apple is reassuring fans that it is trying to get supply to stores as soon as possible. The feds are now looking into Wells Fargo ( ) and the fake accounts scandal. The Justice Department has launched an investigation into Wells Fargo and the millions of sham accounts that were opened at the bank to generate fees. The Los Angeles times reports federal prosecutors in San Francisco and New York are in the early stages of an investigation that could lead to criminal or civil charges. Amazon ( ) founder Jeff Bezos swaps places with Warren Buffett as the world's third richest person. Buffett has lost net worth due to his holdings in Wells Fargo.

Warren Buffett battling prostate cancer

Berkshire Hathaway Inc's Warren Buffett disclosed on Apr. 17 that he has stage 1 prostate cancer. Buffett said he will begin a two-month treatment consisting of daily radiation treatments starting in mid-July.