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Volkswagen to end production of the VW Bus

The front of a VW bus is seen during the 29th annual "MaiKaeferTreffen" (May Beetle meeting) in Hanover, May 1, 2012. Around 3.500 air-cooled Volkswagen vehicles took part in this event hosted by the Maikaeferteam Hannover car association. (REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz)

Volkswagen ends production of the VW Bus

Yahoo News

It carried hippies through the 1960s, hauled surfers in search of killer waves during endless summers and serves as a workhorse across the developing world, but the long, strange trip of the Volkswagen van is ending.

Brazil is the last place in the world still producing the iconic vehicle, or "bus" as it's known by aficionados, but VW says production will end on December 20, 2013 after 56 years due to new auto regulations, which will require anti-lock brake systems and air bags in all cars produced in Brazil from 2014. (Associated Press)

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