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National Anthem Beyonce

Anthems and halftime: As if singing at a presidential inaugural ball weren't enough, Alicia Keys will be checking off "super bowl national anthem" from her bucket list. (Of course, many viewers still recall Whitney Houston's patriotic blast -- and sung live, according to Mom.) Another inaugural performer, Beyoncé, got some heat for lip-synching before the president, but anticipation's high, anyway, for her halftime set list. But the halftime search gold standard on Yahoo! may still belong to Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, who coined the phrase "wardrobe malfunction," which quickly entered the celebrity lexicon.

Top 10 Super Bowl XLVII Searches

When's kickoff? Who's singing the national anthem? And how does one make Super Bowl snacks in the shape of the Super Bowl?

As the Baltimore Ravens make their 10th Bowl visit, facing the 49ers, who wouldn't mind tying the record for most Super Bowl wins, people have been asking lots of questions -- and looking for answers online -- about XLVII. Here's a gander at gridiron questions blitzing Yahoo! Search in the past week. -- By Vera Chan, Yahoo!